Extraction of Cetirizine Using Magnetic Nanoparticles of Hengam Island Sand and Determination by HPLC

Document Type : Original research article


1 Department of Chemistry, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Chemistry, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Chemistry, Varamin (Pishva) Branch, Islamic Azad University, Varamin, Iran



In present work Hengam island sands were used for preparation of new magnetic nano-adsorbent. These sands have intrinsic magnetic properties due to possess specific compounds such as Fe3O4. It was modified by surface activator agent namely 3-(Glycidyloxypropyl)trimethoxysilane to produce effective nano-adsorbent. After preparation of this nano-adsorbent, Its physical and chemical properties was verified using several techniques such as FTIR, TGA/DTG, XRD and SEM. Nano-adsorbent was used as a solid phase to extraction of cetirizine from aqueous solutions and then its determination was done by HPLC. Effective analytical parameters such as pH of sample solution (pH=4), dosage of nano-adsorbent (100 mg), zero charge (pHz=5), breakthrough volume (500 mL) and contact time (15 min) were evaluated and optimized. Furthermore, figures of merit parameters such as precision (RSD=1.44%), limit of detection (LOD=1.1 µg L-1) and linear dynamic range (LDR=0.01-250 mg L-1) were obtained. Also for validation the accuracy of method, amount of cetirizine in two real samples were successfully determined.


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